Advanced Surface Protection with Natural Ingredients

Protecticoat is a revolutionary product designed to restore, seal, and protect a wide variety of surfaces.

Versatile Surface Protection

In a world where sustainability and performance often seem at odds, Protecticoat stands out as a remarkable solution that bridges the gap. Crafted with a naturally-occurring, biodegradable solvent, and packed with the maximum amount of UV inhibitor, Protecticoat is designed to restore, seal, and protect a diverse range of surfaces. This versatile product is perfect for use on single stage paint, plastics, and fiberglass, making it an essential item for any household or farm.


Single Stage Paint:

Applying Protecticoat not only preserves the luster of the single stage paint but also guards against these external threats, extending the life of the paintwork.

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Whether it’s outdoor furniture, automotive parts, or household items, Protecticoat revives and shields plastic surfaces from wear and UV damage.

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Perfect for boats, recreational vehicles, and other fiberglass structures, Protecticoat seals and protects against environmental damage.

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Say Goodbye to Dull and Faded Surfaces

Protecticoat is more than just a surface restorer; it’s a protector that ensures your valuable items stay in top condition for longer. Its eco-friendly formula and powerful UV protection make it a standout choice for a variety of applications. Whether you're restoring an old tractor, maintaining school buses, or keeping your patio furniture looking fresh, Protecticoat is the go-to solution for durable and effective surface care. Just remember to use it where it’s most effective and avoid the surfaces where it’s not suited to ensure the best results.