The spray to protect your outdoor life

Whether on the farm or restoring antique metal furniture, Protecticoat is here to help!

gallon of protecticoat

Here's Why It's Awesome

Protecticoat saves tractors

Protecticoat saves Tractors. By providing a protective coating to the outer layer of your heavy machinery, you ensure a long life for your farm equipment.

Protecticoat promotes affordable restoration

Protecticoat is made with a naturally-occurring, biodegradable solvent and maximum amount of UV inhibitor to restore, seal, and protect many surfaces.

Protecticoat shines through

Curious about what Protecticoat can do for you? Feel free to visit the Protecticoat Gallery to look at our past success.

Works Great On

Before and after of a light with protective coasting

Your Home