Protecticoat 14oz Aerosol Protective Coating To Protect Metal, Plastics, Fiberglass


The Protecticoat aerosol can is an easy way to apply a protective coating that will seal and protect oxidized surfaces on many of your possessions, including RVs, tractors and heavy equipment, patio furniture, ATVs, jewelry and many other items around the house and farm. The product works great on single stage paint, metals, plastics, fiberglass, antiques and much more. FREE shipping.

Our simple process only requires that you clean the surface of oils, dirt, and debris, let it dry, then spray in light coats until the desired finish is achieved. Let cure for 24 hours. The coating will not crack, peel, or yellow like others may. Wax or ceramic coating may be applied on top for more shine and protection. Do not use on top of clear coat or on plexiglass, or fiberglass reinforced plastic (filon).

Not for sale in California.

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Use Proteticoat to restore and protect the faded and oxidized finish on many different product surfaces, large and small.


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