How can Protecticoat help with Heavy Equipment Restoration?

Heavy equipment frequently moves through harsh weather, gets stored outside and faces harsh materials that strip its exterior.

Increase the life of your equipment, furthering your Return on Investment

Protecticoat improves the aesthetic quality of your equipment, thus increasing resale value

Cheaper and more accessible than taking your equipment to get detailed. A DIY solution. 

Farm Equipment front profile

What you can restore with Protecticoat

Heavy Equipment

Everything from construction equipment to land movers can be protected.

Snow Equipment

Snow plows, snow pushers and other snow clearing equipment can be protected by Protecticoat.


Protect your tractors and implements as well as everything else on the farm.

School Buses

Tax dollars don't grow on trees, save your aging bus fleet with Protecticoat.

Outdoor Power Equipment

Outdoor Power Equipment thrives with Protecticoat.

What people say about it

Saved my private school bus fleet.

Jay Richards
Arkansas School Board

I'm a big fan of thrift pick-ups and inherited furniture. If it wasn't for Protecticoat, my metal outdoor table and chairs wouldn't live to see another summer.

Tina Jameson
Antique Furniture Collector/Influencer


Don't forget all of the Heavy Equipment that Protecticoat can restore

While Protecticoat has given you a few examples of the heavy equipment it restores and protects, there is more available.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.
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