Protecticoat, founded by Lee Pickard and Michael Conner in April of 2019, is an American made product. Lee is the Co-Founder and CEO, while Michael is the President who handles all of the day-to-day operations and the direction of the company.

Currently residing in Perry, GA, the company works to uphold its mission to provide the world with an innovative product that is truly one-of-a-kind. Lee, hailing from Hawkinsville, GA (and formerly Fitzgerald), has created a company that strives for honesty and integrity in all that they do.

They offer both everyday consumers as well as commercial clients alike their product that protects your tractor, RV and equipment through coatings applied to the paint.

The product is not rocket science. It's just a simple, but effective way to restore RVs and other equipment so they look like new again. The secret lies in its simplicity. After thoroughly cleaning the surface you are applying it to, all you have to do is spray it on and let it sit for at least 24 hours.

The process restores the original color and provides an invisible protective coating that makes the surfaces shine like never before!

Specializing in providing high-quality, affordable coating products, the founder of Protecticoat has been using the product himself for 22 years. After liking it so much, he bought the company's protocols and systems and moved operations to Georgia where they are today.

In efforts to uphold this quality, all employees must ensure that these standards are met with every customer.

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Michael Conner


Looking to increase the resale value of your RV, home, or farm equipment?

Protecticoat is the perfect solution! Our protective coating brings out the original color and adds protection against fading, weathering, and more. Plus, it's easy to apply!